Mobile Bearing Hip™ Replacement


Mobile Bearing Hip™ Replacement

With over 250,000 hip replacement surgeries performed in the United States each year,1 you are certainly in good company. The high success rate associated with total hip replacement has helped millions of people return to their more active lifestyles.

In order to help alleviate your pain and get you back to living your life, your doctor wants to ensure that the implant he or she selects for you closely matches your anatomy and allows for performance over time. Stryker’s Mobile Bearing Hip™ with X3® Advanced Bearing Technology is a mobile bearing, rather than a fixed bearing hip replacement. Mobile bearing Hip™ replacement components are designed to fit together in a unique way to allow for a more natural range of motion,2 more resistance to wear3 and greater joint stability.4

An innovation in hip replacement design, the Mobile Bearing Hip™ Replacement only from Stryker features a unique polyethylene insert made with X3® Advanced Bearing Technology. Either a metal or ceramic head is locked into the insert and the insert moves within the anatomic metal shell. The Mobile Bearing Hip’s™ design allows your doctor to more closely match the implant to your anatomy and provides you with several potential advantages.

Greater Range of Motion

The Mobile Bearing Hip™ Replacement is built for more natural movement. Its anatomic cup is designed to offer stability while allowing greater freedom of movement. Test results demonstrated approximately 145° range of motion in a front-to-back sweep of the leg — a full 5% gain in range of motion when compared with fixed-bearing implants of equivalent size.2 Stryker’s Mobile Bearing Hip™ is designed to better accommodate your natural walking (gait) cycle of movement in range of motion. Greater range of motion may allow you to maintain your active lifestyle with fewer compromises.

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