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Patient Success Stories

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Sally Moore

  • Knee Replacement

“Dr. Gallivan touches more than just the lives of his patients, he impacts whole families. My mother Sally Moore has had both knees replaced by Dr. Gallivan. She scheduled them 6 months apart. She couldn't be happier and told me just yesterday that her knees do not hurt.

For so many the goal after surgery is to return to the golf course, tennis court, or hiking trail, but for my mother, her goal was to keep up with her grandkids. Family is everything. She is a retired Kindergarten teacher & now spends 3 days a week with my 4 yr old twins and 7 yr old.

Now 9 months after the L knee and 3 months after the R knee she can outlast the kids, is up and down from the floor, walks with confidence, and can stand up pain free.

The outcome is fantastic but we have tremendous praise for the process as well. From the first meeting with Dr. Gallivan to the last follow up appointment we have been met with efficiency, kindness, and thoroughness from he and his staff. Simply put, Dr. Gallivan is the best. We traveled from San Luis Obispo to see him but would have happily gone much further!

It is wonderful to watch her move without pain. My kids have a Grandma that do all that they can.”

Jim Bertero

  • rotator cuff repair

“Dr. Gallivan repaired my right rotator cuff approximately seven years ago.Following a brief rehab program, I've had no problems and enjoy full mobility of my right shoulder and arm. A total success.”

Carol Anderson

  • total knee replacement

“Three months after Dr. Gallivan replaced my second knee (my other knee was one year old), I was hiking up the cobblestone streets to Edinburgh Castle and climbing to the top of the stadium to observe the military tatttoo presented by the Scots military. Eight months later, I climbed to the top of the Acropolis. I think my replacement knees are better than the real thing! Now I am thinking about where I can go next year to see what I can climb! ”

Owen and Laurie Guitteau

  • Shoulder and Knee Replacements

“One-stop shopping is not usually associated with a doctor except by my husband. He managed to rupture his Achilles tendon and tear his rotator cuff, all before needing a total knee replacement. Luckily, Dr. Gallivan is here in Santa Barbara. Both the Achilles tendon and the shoulder injury were very serious and rather complicated surgeries with a long recovery. No problem with Dr. Gallivan. Owen now walks completely normally with absolutely no sign of the Achilles tendon rupture, and he wishes that his other shoulder were as good as the one Dr. Gallivan repaired.

His knee replacement is an even more amazing story. I had a total knee replacement with Dr. Gallivan four years ago. Like most people, I had put it off for years, dreading the horrors shared by so many friends who had had the operation. My physical therapist recommended Dr. Gallivan, telling me that he was the only one in town using a computer-assisted method to perfect the alignment, which resulted in much quicker and more complete recovery. Bless that man! My knee surgery was not at all what I expected, and I was back doing everything I normally do in less than two months, and that includes going to the gym 6 days a week, hiking, biking, and lots of walking. Except for the few moments a day when you have to work hard to regain the range of motion in the knee, I experienced no pain. And what a joy to move again without pain!

We weren't sure that Owen's knee surgery would be so easy since, at almost 80, he was ten years older than I had been. His was even easier. He was out of the hospital within 24 hours and had regained the required range of motion in his knee within two weeks. Even the physical therapist was amazed. Dr. Gallivan had changed a few of his techniques in the time since my surgery, and it was an even better experience. As I write this, it is five weeks since Owen had his surgery, and there is very little that he cannot do. He had a little more pain than I did, but none in the knee. His pain was more muscular as his leg became adjusted to being straight again after so many years of being distorted because of his knee problems. We have decided to wait a few more weeks before we take our first hike, but we are both confident that it will be pain free.

We cannot say enough good things about Dr. Gallivan and have already sent him many patients, all as happy as we are. Not only is Dr. Gallivan an extraordinary orthopedic surgeon, he is a wonderful human being. We look forward to seeing him and all the exceptional and responsive people of his staff. Hopefully, our visits will be social and not because my husband has blown up another body part!”

Blake Lannon

  • Knee Replacement

“I cannot say enough about how good my surgery experience with Dr. Gallivan and team was. It has been eight months and my new knee is requesting my other knee to meet the challenge again.

The staff that works with Bill are some of the most caring and professional people I've met. While living in New York City I worked for several years for doctors and know what it means to feel taken care of when suffering. I feel full confidence in Dr. Gallivan both of the PA's who saw me post op.

The fact that the rehab folks he works with are also extremely competent is very much part of a group of people who care about their patients.”

Daniel H. Chabot

  • Knee Replacement

“Eight (8) weeks after knee replacement surgery playing golf and riding my horse, this was the statement made by Dr. Gallivan. At 63 years old and on my second knee replacement, I was definitely skeptical. But it happened, under the direction of Dr. Gallivan and working with the physical therapy team at Muller & Weber, I was able to achieve this feat as evidence in the pictures below. My new knee has eliminated the serious pain before the operation and has allowed me continue with the active life that I desire. Dr. Gallivan uses the most advanced computer added technology available and I highly recommend him.”

Norman Anderson

  • Knee Replacement

“I had been a runner, jogger and then hiker all my life but at age 79 it became apparent due to all the pounding on the pavement, I needed new knees. Being diabetic I knew that healing from surgery would be tricky, and presented some significant risks, so I decided to get opinions from USC and Stanford hospitals.

After receiving favorable opinions from both aforementioned hospitals, I ultimately wanted to be near my family and home in the Santa Ynez Valley, and thus proceeded to find an orthopedic doctor in the Cottage Health System. Dr. William Gallivan was the right choice, and within a year and a half I had both knees replaced.

Dr. Gallivan was thorough and professional with his treatment from diagnosis to post surgery care. I always had the upmost confidence and trust in him.

Due to my previous health issues, my rehabilitation was a bit more extensive. Dr. Gallivan was exceptional in directing my care not only, within Cottage Health System in Santa Barbara and Santa Ynez, but also the Rehabilitation Hospital and the outstanding wound clinic and hypobaric departments.

Dr. William Gallivan is truly a first class orthopedic doctor and Santa Barbara County is truly lucky to have him serving its community.”

Barry Hughes

  • total knee replacement

“What relief. No more pain. I can move again. I had no idea how the pain in my knee had affected me. I'm back to dancing, hiking, playing badminton. I can golf and can carry my golf clubs. And surf. My knee was so stiff and weak. What a difference! Riding my bike up Gibraltar Road doesn't hurt. Yes, the surgery hurts but now that seems like a distant past. It's been one year since the surgery. Not afraid to get the other knee done if it needs to happen. I really got my life back. ”

Pat S.

  • Total Knee Arthroplasty

“I had my right knee replaced on Tuesday, 10/18/16. On Thursday I declared myself as advanced as it took me 3 weeks to accomplish ten years ago on my left knee replacement. I never had a pain over 5 on a 1 to 10 scale...ever !

And even more than the skill of Dr. Gallivan and his assistants , was the warmth exuded by everyone in the operating room and in the hospital stay.

I only wish I had done this a whole lot sooner and not wasted those years by limping around on a really bad leg.

My thanks to Dr. Gallivan and everyone involved !

Pat Schulte. Age 83”

Sheila Mee

  • Double knee replacement

“I have had double knee replacement in the last four months, the most recent nine weeks ago. Dr. Gallivan is not only an extraordinary surgeon but also a very kind, compassionate person. He has a terrific team working with him and I am so grateful that I can now walk without pain, go upstairs and down in a normal manner and can even kneel! What a gift! Thank you so very much Dr. Gallivan.”

James J. Weakly

  • Full Knee Replacement

“James J. Weakly Knee Surgery

I am an 83 year old male in good physical condition with the exception of my right knee. I have known Dr. Gallivan for several years and according to his diagnosis I was up for a full knee replacement.

Dr. Gallivan prescribed pre-op physical therapy to strengthen my legs which made my post-op therapy just a little easier on me. He used computer navigation to set the alignment of my knee. I was awake and able to watch the entire operation which was fascinating for me. After a brief hospital stay I was home and working with my physical therapist.

It is now three months since the surgery. I am walking with no pain and riding my bicycle in my neighborhood.

It has been a pleasure working with Dr. Gallivan's staff.

Thank you Dr. Gallivan

James J. Weakly

  • Total Knee Replacement

“I am an 83 year old male in good physical condition with the exception of my right knee. I have known Dr. Gallivan for several years and according to his diagnosis I was up for a full knee replacement.

Dr. Gallivan prescribed pre-op physical therapy to strengthen my legs which made my post-op therapy just a little easier on me. He used computer navigation to set the alignment on my knee. I was awake and able to watch the entire operation which was fascinating for me. After a brief hospital stay I was home and working with my physical therapist.

It is now three months since the surgery. I am walking with no pain riding my bicycle in my neighborhood.

It has been a pleasure working with Dr. Gallivan's staff.

Thank you Dr. Gallivan.”

Diana Kawkabani

  • L knee unicompartmental knee replacement

“"I had a partial knee replacement done by Dr Gallivan and his team a month ago in Santa Barbara -- the care and attention I received was honestly quite amazing - Dr Gallivan met with me before the surgery, and after the surgery would call me almost nightly to see how I was feeling, and to answer any concerns I may have had. His office staff were wonderful, always ready to help in any way, cheerful yet professional. I would highly recommend Dr Gallivan and his team!

And best of all, it has only been a month since the surgery and I already feel almost back to normal - in fact, one of the many details I appreciated from Dr Gallivan was that he did the surgery as a day case, so I could go straight back home in the afternoon, and walking (albeit with a cane for a few days) right away.....I now am back at the gym using the elliptical and the bike and feeling great!"”

Nelson Alexander

  • Knee replacement

“Nelson Alexander - I am 83

I live in Atascadero, Calif.

For the past 20 years I have nursed my right knee as it has deteriorated to the point on being bone on bone. It had become very painful to walk even with the use of a cane and almost impossible to walk up or down steps. Three friends who had the same problem told me about Doctor Gallivan and the success they had with him and their knee replacement. I met with Dr. Gallivan and we scheduled my surgery for Sept 26,2017. I was told by another individual that had been through the same surgery by another doctor that for the first month I would hate the surgeon, the second month I would like him, and the third month I would love him.

The surgery took place as scheduled. A few hours after the surgery, the nurse had me walk with a walker about 40 feet. The next morning I walked around the floor of the hospital and up and down 4 steps.That afternoon I was sent home. I knew how critical therapy was so beginning the next day I walked 50 steps in my house every hour on the hour. Beginning the second week I was walking without my walker or my cane. Within 3 weeks I was doing outside therapy and now at the end of 8 weeks I have the strength to go up and down steps with no problem. I have no pain & my knee is as it was 20 years ago when this all started.

It did not take 3 months to love my doctor, it took less than a week. I now join my 3 friends in recommending anyone who needs knee surgery, don't put it off. See Doctor Gallivan. I don't believe you could find a better surgeon in the state of Calif. or maybe in the USA

Jack Rodenhi

  • Total Right Knee Replacement

“I had known for a long time that I would need to have something done with my right knee. Although it could be painful at times, it was primarily the lack of reliability that bothered me the most. The precipitating event that caused me to go see Dr. Gallivan was that day that I could not complete my stress echocardiogram test because my knee locked up mid-test.

I had already done some research over the prior few months and I had found some things to look for in choosing a surgeon to perform a knee replacement. I discovered that the two biggest risks are infections and blood clots, although the chance a patient would experience either of the events is quite small, less than 2%. As I explored more, though, I found that maybe as many as 20% of the people who undergo a total knee replacement surgery are not satisfied with the result. This seems to be a result of improper fit or adjustment. I know a retired fire captain who has never been happy with his knee replacement and says it has badly affected his enjoyment of golf to the point of him considering giving it up.

Some of the surgeons who addressed this latter concern primarily practice something called kinematic adjustment. When I looked, I saw that Dr. Gallivan used a computer aided navigation system that not only assisted with the kinematic adjustment, but also it allowed him a standard of precision and repeatability that was not possible without the system. In addition, Dr. Gallivan performs what is known as a minimally invasive procedure. Although the most visible result of this procedure is a significantly shorter scar, the most important result is that it calls for moving the quadraceps muscle and tendon aside, rather than cutting it. For the patient, this can mean a reduced recovery time.

I searched the web for stories from people who were facing or had gone through a total knee replacement, I found a forum (https://bonesmart.org/forum/) that hosted a pre-op and a post-op section. I was particularly concerned by the recovery stories that stretched into months and years. I needed to assure myself that I was prepared for what was ahead. There were plenty of supportive posters and the forum seemed like it provided a good center for people with a surgery in their future. In the end, I did not post my own story because, as I listened to the staff at Dr. Gallivanâs office, it seemed that for me at least participating in such a forum pre-surgery might only serve to increase my anxiety.

I had been told that I would be awake through the entire surgery. Although this worried me, I was assured by one of Dr. Gallivanâs staff that I would think I was in Disneyland. Not entirely true, but closer to true than my worries. I am glad to have been awake and able to watch my surgery and I hope I wasnât too boring for the anesthesiologist as I tried to keep up a light banter. After the surgery, I was wheeled to my room for an overnight stay. I had been forewarned that I would be expected to walk some that day. When I awoke from a nap, two terrific young nurses insisted that I get up and walk a few feet with a walker. I did not feel a lot of pain at that point so I was glad to comply. I was surprised that not only could I walk the 25 feet they expected of me but went on to walk completely around the joint replacement wing. I came back and took another nap.

The next day I came home, put my foot up and spent most of the afternoon in a good book. The next day, I went in to work for a couple of hours. I took it easy for a couple of days, but by the time for my follow-up visit with Dr. Gallivan eight days after surgery, I was able to walk from my car into his office without cane or walker. I have never used them since. I went to my physical therapy sessions as specified, but by the end of the month, my range of motion had almost completely returned.

My knee was so badly worn before the surgery that it was tiring to stand for a long time. I did not realize that I must have been providing stability in my knee by muscle tension. Now, six months after the surgery, I can stand for an hour or more and feel as relaxed after the hour as before. The increased stability I feel now still surprises me. I am very happy that I went through with the surgery. Although I know that not everyone will realize the quick recovery I had, I believe that once they have recovered, most people will achieve a similar fantastic result.

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