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Meniscectomy and Debridement vs. Meniscal Repair


Meniscectomy and Debridement vs. Meniscal Repair  

A meniscectomy and debridement is an arthroscopic surgery that involves removing parts of a torn meniscus or the entire torn meniscus. A total meniscectomy removes the entire meniscus, whereas, a partial meniscectomy removes only a portion of the meniscus.

A meniscal repair includes multiple suture techniques that are used to repair the torn meniscus. 

Dr. Gallivan will decide to perform a partial meniscectomy, total meniscectomy or meniscal repair based on the tear pattern, length of the tear, stability of the tear, and condition of the meniscus.  

Please call Orthopedic Institute of Santa Barbara to further discuss the details of a meniscectomy and debridement and/or meniscal repair with board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. William Gallivan. 



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