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Total/Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement



Total Shoulder Replacement 

A total shoulder replacement is performed by Dr. Gallivan in order to alleviate shoulder pain and improve range of motion in the shoulder. Total shoulder replacement surgery involves removing the damaged parts of the shoulder and replacing them with artificial components. In a total shoulder replacement procedure, the humeral head is replaced with a metal ball and the glenoid is replacement with a plastic component that allows for movement of the ball. 

Reverse Total Shoulder Replacement 

A reverse total shoulder replacement is similar to a total shoulder replacement, but the components of the ball and socket are switched. A metal ball is placed in the location of the glenoid and a plastic socket with a stem replaces the proximal humerus, allowing it to articulate about the ball. 

When Should I Decide to Have a Shoulder Replacement? 

Dr. Gallivan believes that there are four main reasons individuals elect to proceed with a shoulder replacement after attempting non-operative treatment. These include:  

  1. The pain has become unbearable and/or is greater than one wants to live with.   
  2. The pain has impacted quality of life and one is no longer able to achieve their personal functional goals.   
  3. One's overall health, cardiovascular fitness, and longevity is compromised due to the inability to exercise due to pain. 
  4.  The patient has a progressive deformity that will impact future positive surgical outcomes. 

Please call Orthopedic Institute of Santa Barbara to discuss the which total shoulder option is best for you with board-certified orthopedic surgeon, Dr. William Gallivan. 




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