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Patient Success Stories

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Nancy Golden

  • Right & Left Knee Replacements
Nancy Golden's photo

“Yesterday I had my one year anniversary checkup of my left knee replacement and the two year anniversary of my right knee replacement with Dr. Gallivan. He did such an outstanding job with each knee. I skied last week at Mammoth with my knees holding up better than in years. I love being able to continue to be active.

Dr. Gallivan is the one to go to for knee replacement operations. ”

Jay Oliver

  • Total knee
Jay Oliver's photo

“Back to what I love 6 weeks after my surgery! Thank You Doctor Gallivan for doing a great job!!!”

John West

  • Bilateral Knee Replacement
John West's photo

“For many years, my wife Sue and I have been planning a safari expedition to Africa. Many of the wild animals are best, and most safely viewed from a vehicle. But we also wanted to visit the mountain gorillas in Rwanda. To do that, it is necessary to hike across fields and into the forest. A tracker leads the way, blazing a path through thick vegetation with a machete. The trail can be steep, very uneven and muddy. As time passed, the trip kept getting pushed back. We realized we were not get in any younger, and we finalized the plans. All the while, my knees continued their years-long decline due to osteoarthritis. Perhaps caused by all the pavement pounding from my younger days when I did a lot of running. Perhaps there was a genetic component. Who knows? After discussing this this on a yearly basis with my family doctor, I turned to Dr. Gallivan in 2015. Taking a conservative approach, we tried a series of injections in each knee. They helped for a while, but it became clear that was not the long term solution, especially with hikes in the African mountain forests in my future. So in 2016, I had both knees replaced. The right one in March and the left one in October. Both surgeries went smoothly. It wasnât a picnic in the park, but everything was very manageable. I was out of the hospital quickly, and the outpatient physical therapy started immediately. Dr. Gallivan was an excellent choice for this. He listens carefully, is focused on achieving the best possible outcome, and stays involved post-operatively. His office staff are all excellent. There was never a problem. In February 2017, about one year after the first surgery and four months after the second, I was with Sue in Africa, hiking on fully functioning, pain free knees to visit the mountain gorillas.”

Dr. Michael Cooper

  • knee

“For two years I interviewed orthopedic surgeons from St. Helena to Los Angeles. All of them told me that it would take 4 to 6 weeks to recover. My staff and I could not afford 4 to 6 weeks off work. Finally my pain got so bad I didn't have a choice. I had been referred to Dr. Gallivan by numerous people. Having interviewed so many orthopedic surgeons I knew immediately that Dr. Gallivan was the surgeon I wanted to do my knee surgery. I was walking the moment I got to my room! My knee had 90 degrees of motion. I never had any pain. I never took any pain medication. I returned to work in 1 week. For anyone procrastinating about their surgery I highly recommend an interview with Dr. Gallivan. ”

Melissa Moore

  • Bilateral Knee Replacements
Melissa Moore's photo

“Nothing short of a miracle...that is how I would describe my double knee replacement surgery with Dr Gallivan. After 20 years of ever increasing knee pain, my active lifestyle became impossible to maintain. In October 2015, at the age of 70, I had my right knee replaced. Surgery was on a Tuesday, I was home Wednesday. In-home rehab began Friday. The pain was very manageable. Sixteen days post-op I began outpatient therapy with minimal pain and no pain meds. Three months post-op I took my horse on a 3-hour ride with friends. I eagerly had the left knee replaced in December 2015. Result very similar to the first. Discomfort, but very manageable. My greatest difficulty was reactions from the meds following surgery. The actual knee pain was gone...only the incision caused tenderness. I have NO PAIN!!! I have resumed riding and competing with my horses, hiking, walking, swimming, without any limits. I truly feel 20 years younger, my legs are strong and straight. Dr Gallivan is my hero...he has given me my life back, there are not enough great adjectives to describe his skill and kindness through both procedures.”

Audrey Griffin

  • Numerous orthopedic procedures!
Audrey Griffin's photo

“To whom this may concern,

Dr. Bill Gallivan is my nephew by marriage. My late husband Dr. Gary Griffin and I were so very thrilled that Bill and Karen decided to make their home in Santa Barbara. Gallivans and Griffins are a very close family and have family gatherings quite often. Dr. Bill is a wonderful family man, so that puts him available and on call quite a bit.

I'm very involved with horses and lots of unsuspecting things happen. My rotator cuff surgery was perfect and good as new, my broken hand and baby finger went well too, I'm still roping and that is my passion. A few shots in the knees have worked wonders, Dr. Bill is always there for me, works in a very loving kind professional way.

Dr. Bill Gallivan is the best!! I'm so blessed to be a part of the Gallivan, Griffin Families. Always funloving being together.

Audrey O'Brien Griffin


Jackie Diebold

  • Bilateral Knee Replacements
Jackie Diebold's photo

“ When I made my decision to investigate knee surgery, because of a former sports injury, I looked for an orthopaedic specialist who was practicing the newest cutting-edge technology. I made an appointment with William R. Gallivan, Jr., M.D.

At my initial appointment, Dr. Gallivan's welcoming personality put me immediately at ease. He thoroughly explained knee replacement procedures. He made certain I understood what to expect and how I would be involved in the process and recovery outcome. He answered all my questions and I knew he was sincere and really cared about me as a patient.

Dr. Gallivan performed my first knee replacement in 2007 (I needed to be able to dance at our 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration....and dance I did!) My husband and family are Dr. Gallivan's greatest cheerleaders testifying that he made me 10 years younger. He replaced my second knee in 2008 and we have been happily dancing ever since!”

Maxine Di Bartolomeo

  • Knee replacement
Maxine Di Bartolomeo's photo

“I am 75 years old and I have always loved to dance â ballet, tap, character, musical-comedy, aerobic -anything but ballroom. Lots of orthopaedic surgeries have interrupted dance: low-back fusion at 33 years; two new hips in my 60's; bilateral bunions somewhere in between; shoulder spur surgery; and finally, knee replacement by Dr. Gallivan 3 years ago. Yes, the healing process hurt for a short whileâ but the result has been more than worth it. Yes, the physical therapists encourage just a little more than one thinks it is possible to do -- but again, it has been more than worth the effort. The meticulously performed operation, the amazingly brief hospital stay (just overnight!), and the excellent physical therapy program got me back on my feet instantly and back to low-impact aerobics with a well-functioning, pain-free knee. Grazie mille, Dr. Gallivan for your professional skills, forthright truthfulness, and excellent judgement!

Maxine Di Bartolomeo

Neil Ohlenkamp

  • Hip and ACL Replacements
Neil Ohlenkamp's photo

“After successful hip replacements and an ACL replacement, Dr. Gallivan got me back on my feet again. I have returned to teaching judo classes, helped prepare an athlete to compete in the 2012 Olympic Games, and published a judo instructional book. The care I received was always exceptional.”

Paul Matthies

  • Partial Knee Replacement
Paul Matthies's photo

“For several years I have been bothered by a deteriorating knee which has hampered my ability to keep up with a group of senior hikers in the Santa Ynez Valley. After soliciting recommendations from those fellow hikers who have knee and/or hip replacement surgery the obvious choice was Dr. Gallivan. A week ago I had a partial knee replacement procedure done at Cottage Hospital in Santa Barbara by Dr. Gallivan and his able staff of medical and technical assistants. He used new computerized technology which reduces the time of recovery, healing, and hospital stay. I was walking with no limping or pain medication after two days. Although the procedure was done only eight days ago I feel like I'm back to 90% normal. It should be noted that at no time did I experience any pain, either in preparation of the procedure, during the operation or during a week of physical therapy so far. I took a mile long walk with my wife this morning which included some fairly steep hills and felt no discomfort.

If you are suffering from knee or hip discomfort, I highly recommend Dr. Gallivan to solve the problem.

Paul Matthies”

Jane Kievit

  • Shoulder and knee replacements
Jane Kievit's photo

“Who is the best doctor in the world?


He is knowledgeable, educated, skillful, and careful in all his decisions and functions. His optimistic, friendly communications with patients is another bonus.

I've been blessed with good genes and good health, but after 80 years arthritis found my joints!

My first visit to Dr. Gallivan was 11/21/07 to check my aching right shoulder. He performed an outpatient shoulder arthroscopy on 1/11/08. No more pain, good movement.

On 10/20/09 Dr. Gallivan performed a complete left shoulder replacement. It all moves and works perfectly!

On 4/19/14 Dr. Gallivan performed a complete left knee replacement.

Another miracle!

As I get older I've slowed down, but stay active. I joined the Senior Functional Fitness class at our local YMCA on 1/21/03. The helpful, cheerful, positive attitudes of staff and other members is a real plus for physical and emotional fitness!”

Efrem Zimbalist

  • Knee Replacement
Efrem Zimbalist's photo

“What can I say more than that Bill is a cherished friend and a great surgeon? This ancient knee keeps me almost vertical on the golf course and playing better than I have in five years. We won't discuss scores if you don't mind. On top of everything else, he and Karen have given their five kids the ride of their lives.”

Gery w. Mcormack Ed.D.,JD

  • Hip replacement
Gery w. Mcormack Ed.D.,JD's photo

“When Dr. Gallivan told me that I would be playing tennis three months after hip replacement surgery, I did not believe him.

Three months (to the day) later I was dressed in Venus Williams new lime of Tennis clothing, winning my match against Ojai and having my photo signed by Venus, who wrote: "You look like a winner!"

Please contact me at drgerry2@verizon.net for the complete story of my miraculous recovery from hip replacement surgery.

Thanks Dr. G

Scott Smith

  • Hip Replacement
Scott Smith's photo

“I received a total hip replacement from Dr. Gallivan and within 6 weeks, I was cycling and swimming at about my same level pre-surgery. My hip, lower back and groin pain is completely gone and my leg length is perfect. I researched Ortho Surgeons in my area and liked the fact that Dr. Gallivan uses the Navigation to get the complicated angles just right. Dr. Gallivan explained my procedure to me very thoroughly and was completely accessible to me after the surgery. I am a happy patient and look forward to getting my active lifestyle back.”

Karen Zazon

  • Total knee replacement

“I was told that I would need a knee replacement several years ago by various surgeons I had seen in a different state where I formerly lived. I avoided it for several years because I couldn't imagine the downtime I would have to endure as I have always been very active. Several friend referrals led me to Dr. Gallivan and I decided it was time to do the surgery. I went into it in good shape and with a positive attitude. I knew I would have a good outcome but I was shocked at how quickly I was able to walk with ease and without pain.

It has been just 12 days since my surgery and I have no pain except for during some of the strenuous PT exercises, which is the only time I take a pain pill.

Since I was awake during surgery, I found it fascinating to watch the procedure. I knew I was in good hands. I feel so good just 12 days post surgery and believe that Dr. Gallivan's method of using computer-guided navigation is so amazing. I'm already taking walks and feel so good. I'm so glad I made the right choice in choosing Dr. Gallivan for my surgeon.”

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